New Underwood murder case back in court


The case of a New Underwood woman who murdered her husband in 2010 has re-entered the courtroom based off a piece of evidence that she’s says she’s just learning about. Amanda Kaur was charged with first-degree manslaughter back in 2011 after killing her husband Ira, an Air Force sergeant, in their New Underwood home. Kaur told the judge that she was in a struggle with her 26-year-old husband who was trying to commit suicide when the gun fired. She then left and took her children to breakfast at a local cafe. When she returned home, she says found her husband wounded but still alive, firing a second round into his head; killing him. According to a new court filing, a few days before Kaur’s change of plea hearing, her attorneys were notified of a piece of evidence; a claim of phone call from her husband to brother saying he had been robbed. The claim was never followed up on. While Kaur is currently serving a 65-year sentence in the South Dakota Women’s Prison, her defense is in the process of asking for records on that call from the Sheriff’s Office. A status hearing for her case has been set for the end of October.

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