Lawmakers set to hold special session


South Dakota Lawmakers will gather Wednesday at the Capitol for the special session to consider legislation, which would allow the collection of sales tax from out of state internet retailers to start Nov. 1. That bill was endorsed by the budget writing committee on Tuesday.  A second bill the panel recommended would require marketplaces that handle payments such as eBay to collect sales taxes for sellers on their platforms. A South Dakota case that led to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in June to overturn two decades-old high court decisions that have made it tougher for states to collect sales taxes for certain purchases online. But even after the victory, South Dakota hasn’t been able to enforce its online sales tax requirement because of an injunction in place under state law. South Dakota has estimated it loses about $50 million annually to e-commerce. But any future sales tax windfall isn’t likely to result in major new state spending, because current state law aims to give gains from the new collections back to taxpayers.


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