Belle Fourche woman arrested in connection with vandalism spree


A Belle Fourche woman has been arrested in connection with a vandalism spree. 59 year old Sally Norris faces 2nd degree intentional damage to property, and disorderly conduct charges after being arrested Wednesday for cutting bags of wood chips used to divert water from a construction project at Belle Fourche High School. Norris posted bond following the arrest. Late Wednesday or early Thursday, police say 43 windows were broken at the high school and several tires were slashed at the post office, city hall and other locations in downtown Belle Fourche. Friday night, Norris’ home caught fire. Early Saturday, Norris was again arrested and charged with intentional damage to public property exceeding 20,000 dollars which is a class 4 felony, in connection with the window vandalism. Butte County States Attorney Cassie Wendt says other charges are still pending in the cases.

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