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Stephanie Greenhalgh and Justin Etheridge recently got married at the St Louis haunted house where they had their first date. The couple married in darkness and had a makeup artist turn them into zombies for their big day. Stephanie wore a blood-stained dress while Justin wore a suit and shirt that appeared as though it had bullet holes in it.

A Davis, California student recently baked a batch of cookies that contained their grandparent’s ashes. The sugar cookies were given to nine students before someone ratted out the baker. The police believe more than one student was involved in the baking. No charges are expected to be filed.

Julie Eke recently embarrassed herself while trying to sell her bedroom furniture online. She took a picture of the furniture without realizing that a reflection of her bare chest could be seen in her bedroom mirror. A potential buyer messaged her and said; “I don’t mean to be rude but I thought I’d let you know … it seems there are some boobs in the mirror!” Julie’s daughter posted; ”Can’t believe my mum has uploaded a picture of a wardrobe she’s trying to sell and a lady has had to message her telling her you can see her boobs in the mirror funniest thing I’ve ever seen”

A London hypochondriac has been jailed for calling paramedics 314 times even though there was nothing wrong with him. John Harvey was taken to the hospital 149 times. He never needed any treatment and was never seriously ill. A judge sentenced the 73 year-old to 20 months in prison because he breached an order to stop calling emergency services. The false calls cost taxpayers nearly $60,000

A canine at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport recently found a roasted pig’s head in a traveler’s suitcase. Authorities destroyed the two-pound head before the traveler could retrieve it from the baggage claim area. The unidentified traveler was attempting to bring the head into the country from Ecuador

A medical report just came out about a guy in New York who developed an extremely rare disease a few years ago.  And he got it by . . . eating SQUIRREL BRAINS.  So to avoid it . . . yeah, lay off the squirrel brains.

An Essex, England cafe owner was recently vacationing in the Dominican Republic when he received a security camera notification that an intruder was in his restaurant. Jamie Foster turned on his video feed and watched as the thief went through his cafe. He turned on his security camera’s audio system and shouted. “I can see you in there, you know?” The burglar immediately fled.

A fugitive in Pennsylvania was hiding from the cops earlier this month, and his girlfriend said she hadn’t seen him.  But her four-year-old son told the cops exactly where the guy was hiding in the house . . . so they found him and he was arrested.

A guy in North Carolina was accidentally shot by his own BOOBY TRAP on Monday.  And he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries.