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A couple from Berlin, Germany recently got married on a tightrope. Nicole Backhaus and Jens Knorr climbed into a swing that dangled from a motorcycle that was atop the tightrope. Their pastor conducted the service from the top of a fire engine hook and ladder. Over 3,000 people watched the wedding at a local festival. Nicole and Jens exchanged vows in the air before having their first kiss on the ground.

A man recently trashed a Benjamin Moore paint store. Eyewitnesses say the man smashed paint cans on the ground before the paint splattered everywhere. He then tossed paint on the floor, walls and other products. The man splashed an employee with paint before leaving. He caused $2,500 worth of damage.

The Lawrence, Kansas police recently arrested a 23 year-old man for mooning them. Officer stopped the man because they thought he was driving under the influence. The man walked away from his car and was going to use a gas station bathroom when he dropped his pants and mooned officers. Cops charged the man with indecent exposure.

Daryl Riedel recently chugged a beer after Monroe County, Florida sheriff’s stopped him because they thought he was driving drunk. Darryl exited his truck, downed his can and then was taken to jail where he was charged with a felony DUI, among other things

A 54 year-old Indonesian woman was swallowed whole by a 23-foot python on Friday. Wa Tiba went missing while checking her vegetable garden. Her family and villagers launched an exhaustive search that ended 50 yards from her house with the discovery of the bloated snake. Villagers found Tiba’s body in the snake’s belly

NYPD recently arrested David Herbsman after he walked into a courtroom in New York City with a fake grenade. The 22 year-old set off several metal detectors before he was arrested for creating a criminal nuisance. He gave no explanation for his stupidity.

There’s a 27-year-old guy in Alabama named Ozzy Osborne.  And he was just sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder.

A guy in Florida was threatening to kill his neighbors last week . . . and he told the cops it was because he was angry over some pain in his TESTICLES.  He was arrested for making threats.

A couple in Wisconsin went to the movies a few weeks ago, and the husband was so mad that his wife had secretly salted their popcorn that he announced their marriage was OVER.  Apparently they’d been having problems, and the salted popcorn was the final straw.

Back in 2013, a clarinetist from Canada received a huge, $50,000 scholarship to study in L.A.  But his girlfriend didn’t want him to move, so she told him he’d been rejected.  He recently found out about it and sued.  And a judge awarded him $350,000 in damages.