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A Winnipeg photographer recently got on the wrong flight before ending up in the Arctic. Christopher Paetkau went 1,400 miles in the opposite direction. He tells the network that he accidentally followed a group of people onto a departing plane. Christopher realized he was on the wrong plane once it took off. He was in the air for 14 hours.

St Lucie County, Florida sheriff’s recently arrested Joseph Daniels for attempting to rob his neighbors in his blue boxer shorts. The 47 year-old knocked on his neighbor’s door before attempting to force his way in. The neighbor and her husband pushed Joseph out before calling 911. Officers knocked on Joseph’s door before he answered in his boxers. He told them his name was God before he was charged with resisting arrest and burglary

61 year-old Charles Wyatt recently stripped naked before breaking into a liquor store in Forsyth County,Georgia. He stole a Coke before lying down on the floor for several minutes. Wyatt was arrested as he exited the store. He used a hammer to break in.

A Strongsville, Ohio man recently called the police because his neighbor was barking at him. The caller said the man was drunk. When cops arrived, they found the barker mowing his lawn. He told cops he was singing not barking.

A library director in Utah was busted earlier this year for embezzling $89,000 worth of library funds to buy stuff in a mobile game called “Game of War:  Fire Age”.  He was just sentenced to 30 days in jail and he has to pay back the money.

Some thieves in Georgia stole $98,000 worth of RAMEN NOODLES out of a trailer a few weeks ago.  That’s got to be over 300,000 packages.  The cops are trying to track them down.

A fast food joint in Maine just switched from crinkle-cut fries to straight fries to save money.  And the owners say that since then, they’ve been dealing with, quote, “disturbing and hostile customers” . . . including one guy who tried to FIGHT them.

A woman in southern Illinois just turned 101, and she celebrated her birthday at TACO BELL.  She’s been going to that Taco Bell twice a week for the past 18 years, and right now she’s, quote, “hooked” on their new Nacho Fries.

A guy in India recently suffered a horrific PENILE FRACTURE after he popped a Viagra . . . it didn’t wear off overnight . . . and his kid JUMPED on him to wake him up the next morning.  He needed surgery, but he’s fully recovered now.

A cop in Arizona recently got fired after his department found out he used his body cam to make a SEX TAPE in his office.