Free Money Frenzy

Free Money Frenzy

Listen to the Eagle Country Wake Up each weekday morning for chances to guess the Free Money Frenzy amount. The listener who guesses the exact amount correctly wins the cash. If they don't guess the amount correctly, we'll tell you whether the guess was too high or too low, so pay attention so when you get a chance to guess, you'll be that much closer to walking away with free money from Eagle Country!


Rapid City police investigate double stabbing
The two stabbing victims, a 23-year-old and 26-year-old, are being treated for serious injuries.

KKK flyers handed out in Hill City
On Easter morning people in Hill City woke to find flyers from the Klu Klux Klan in front of their homes. Hundreds of flyers were passed out in Hill City neighborhoods alone.

Woman visits Rapid City pawn shop with war relics - including a live grenade
An elderly woman brought in two items to Presidential Pawn in Rapid City that her husband had collected while serving in the Philippines during World War II.The items happened to be grenades, and one of them was still live.

Trial date set in Rapid City forcible rape case
A 21-year-old Rapid City man will stand trial for second degree rape this summer. 

6 plead not guilty to meth trafficking
Six people have pleaded not guilty to federal charges of trafficking methamphetamine from California to the Northern Plains.